A Totally Noise-free Listening Experience with Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B

The Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back Headphones offer a totally noise-free listening experience. Its QuietPoint technology provides up to 90% noise cancellation. This noise cancelling headphones review will discuss the product’s features including its positive and negative sides.

Product Features

The ATH-ANC7B model has a compact design with closed-back headphones. These can be folded flat for easier storage. The ear cups are shaped to fit any type of ear. The cushioned padding makes it comfortable for anyone to wear.

This noise cancellation headphone is also lightweight at 7.6 ounces (that’s 210 grams). It can be carried anywhere and may be used with all types of audio equipment and devices. These include computers, audio file and disc players, home theatre devices, and even in airplanes’ entertainment systems.

The QuietPoint technology it uses on the entire circuitry provides up to 90% noise cancelling. In terms of decibels, this can be converted to 20 dB noise reduced. This percentage can have it listed among the best noise cancelling headphones currently offered in the market today.

The noise reducing functionality may also be attributed to its 40 mm drivers which are connected to a neodymium magnet system.

In terms of audio quality, it features a 109 dB sensitivity level. This allows an ample volume regardless of the source. The overall sound quality which includes treble, bass, and midrange are of high quality.

Purchasing the item comes with a ¼ inch adapter, an adapter for airline use, an AAA alkaline battery, a pouch for accessories, and a carrying case.

When used with its alkaline AAA battery, it is expected to last for up to 40 hours. Without a battery, it plays passively through adapters included in the product set. The ATH-ANC7B’s head phones still work even with the noise cancelling sound option turned off.

Like any other item, there are pros and cons which can be pointed out with this Audio Technica headphone model.

The Good:

  • The 90% noise cancelling stereo sound it provides can be at par with the best noise cancelling headphones currently offered today.
  • An extremely high sensitivity level provides great audio quality.
  • It is built to be durable and solidly made.
  • Unlike other brands, it is mid-sized and can be easily carried.
  • The ear cups design comfortably fits all ears whether big and small with a cushioned padding.
  • Accessories which come with the head phones are useful. The carrying case is larger than other brands and can support additional devices such a game console or a portable music player. The alkaline batteries can be easily installed as well.

The Bad:

  • Based on tests, the sound quality is decreased when the noise cancellation is off.
  • Those who enjoy loud music also mention that some audio details such as bass are not as efficient in this item.
  • When played at moderate volume, there is evidence of sound leak.

Despite a few setbacks, the ATH-ANC7B is a great deal for those who would like to purchase a product which provides a balance between quality and cost.


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