My honest review of JVC HANC250 Headphones

The JVC HANC250 High-Grade Noise-Cancelling Headphones can be considered the best active noise cancelling headphones in its class. Manufactured by well renowned music-related equipment manufacturer JVC, one can be certain that the quality of these headphones is at par with the best without the big price tag. When compared with other brands or makers of active noise cancelling headphones, the JVC HANC250 is seen to be the cheapest.

This headphone uses advanced feedback technology that enables it to be an active noise cancellation equipment. At the peak of its performance, it can block out at least eighty five percent of background noise. This is not bad when you have other headphones, with twice or thrice the price tag, that are only better by a mere five percent noise cancellation rating, a negligible rate even to the music aficionados. The JVC HANC250 also features memory foam cushions for the most comfortable fit. The headphones themselves are foldable for a more portable storage capability and actually come with a free slim case, in addition to a four feet long cord, jacks for stereo and other multimedia players, and even a dual air jack for airline use. But the best feature is the on/off switch for the active noise cancellation.

The Good:

  • The active noise cancellation can be turned off when you need to listen out for something in the background without having to stop your listening pleasure.
  • The memory foam cushion and over the ear headphones design does not encase the whole ear which avoids sweatiness and discomfort.
  • The additional air-jack enables the user to use the JVC HANC250 instead of the crummy airplane headphones provided in-flight.
  • The foldable headphone enables the owner to stow it away easily without the bulk that other headphones pose.
  • The lightweight feature makes long periods of listening with the JVC HANC250 enjoyable rather than just being bearable.

The Bad:

  • There is no in-line volume control which makes volume adjustment a bit cumbersome, especially when the media player is hidden.
  • Being operated by a single AAA battery, which is enclosed in the right ear, limits continuous use.
  • The four-foot cord is sometimes not enough especially when being utilized for home theaters.

This headphone is perfect for the general music fan, the full-fledged music aficionado or movie buff, or even for the more serious students who need to listen to recorded lectures. It may also be the best allies of professionals who utilize headphones in their daily lives like transcriptionists, operators, and call center agents.

Other than the three pitfalls, the JVC HANC250 is your next must buy headphones. It can surely be utilized as your gaming headphones, your laptop headphones, your go to music headphones for whatever type of player you have, or even as your radio headphones. The JVC HANC250 Noise-Cancelling Headphones may easily be utilized as sports headphones or a stereo headphone or television headphones. The best part might actually be because of the air jack because you now have the best travel headphones.


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